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Dr. Lisa Chappell

President and Grant Writer

Dr. Joseph Gallegos

Vice President

What We Do

Welcome to Hope for a Better Future Outreach, a non-profit organization passionately committed to uplifting individuals through literacy and fostering academic excellence, financial acumen, and nutrition awareness within our vibrant community. Our array of programs and services is meticulously designed to offer personalized guidance and abundant resources to individuals from all walks of life.

Our comprehensive support encompasses round-the-clock tutoring for K-12 students and adults alike, as well as one-on-one mentorship for learners facing challenges. For those seeking to reclaim their educational journey, we provide unwavering support to help high school dropouts earn their accredited high school diploma.

Furthermore, we conduct workshops and courses that delve into personal finance, equipping our clients with vital insights into credit management, and enabling them to make well-informed decisions on significant investments like homes and automobiles, all while securing low-interest rates.

In addition to our educational and financial empowerment initiatives, we wholeheartedly recognize the pivotal role that nutrition plays in fostering academic success. Therefore, we passionately deliver resources and assistance geared toward promoting healthy eating habits and ensuring access to nutritious sustenance for everyone in our community.

At Hope for a Better Future Outreach, we firmly believe that by imparting education, nurturing financial literacy, and raising awareness about the importance of nutrition, we can empower individuals to unlock their boundless potential. Together, we can illuminate the path to a brighter, more promising future for individuals and their communities. Join us on this remarkable journey toward progress and transformation.

Our business is helping others succeed

What We Believe

At Hope for a Better Future Outreach, we are dedicated to unlocking the transformative power of education for every individual in our community. Our mission is to champion education as the ultimate catalyst for self-sufficiency within our community. We firmly believe that education has the power to level the playing field, providing individuals from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to reach their full potential.

We specialize in offering one-to-one support to students who face educational hurdles, from struggling learners to high school dropouts. By providing personalized guidance and resources, we strive to reignite their passion for learning and guide them toward earning their high school diplomas. Our goal is to pave the way for their journey to self-sufficiency, empowering them with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

We believe that education is more than academics; it's a pathway to personal growth, career readiness, and active citizenship. Through our work, we aim to nurture resilient, educated, and self-reliant individuals who will contribute to a stronger, more equitable society. Our commitment extends beyond academic achievement to fostering holistic development, ensuring that each individual can chase their dreams and create a better future for themselves and their communities.

Our History

Founding Year


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Year 5

Adult Literacy Improvements


Year 10

Over 3000 K12 and Adults Services


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24/7 tutoring

Increased Partnerships

Applying for Grants

Look at what you’ve helped us accomplish

Since 2012, we have assisted over 3000 high school dropouts and adults in obtaining their accredited high school diplomas, resulting in better job opportunities, promotions, and college acceptance. Our efforts have led to significant life changes for these individuals, positively impacting their future prospects.

Additionally, we support K12 students in earning credits and returning to their previous schools to graduate on time, ensuring they have the necessary tools and resources to succeed academically. Through our programs and services, we aim to empower individuals to achieve their full potential and create a brighter future for themselves and their families.

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Key Figures


Rate of growth

Helping Adults ages 16 and up with Adult Literacy that lead to a High School Diploma or GED


Success Rate

95% of clients complete the program with success.

Number of clients

We helped over 3000 people with resources, scholarships, and training.

Total Revenue



by Activity

donations brought in the most revenue this year.

InKind $50,000

Donations $50,000

Total Expenses



by Activity

donations brought in the most revenue this year.

InKind $50,000

Scholarships/tutoring/remediation $49,500 Website/tech/phone/Internet $500

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Our Programs

Dropout Recovery

Adult Literacy

Financial Literacy

Special Education Assistance IEP/504


Helping Struggling Students Stay in School

College and Career Readiness



Workforce Partnerships

School Partnerships



Expanding our horizon

This year we will be applying for grants to help us help more people who what to change their lives.

Notable Projects

Financial Literacy for Students: Invest in Your Future
A Notebook with marks about financial literacy.


Expanding Adult Literacy

Personal Finance and Credit

Expanding Financial Literacy

Commitments for next year

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Applying for Grants

Our goal is to secure Grants to ensure the success of our adult literacy initiatives.

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Creating an online Financial Literacy Program

Partner with banks to help clients understand and build their financial literacy to create a sustainable budget.

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Our goal is to develop long-lasting partnerships with more public schools, colleges, and drop out recovery programs.

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Contact Information

1400 W Mayfield Road, Bldg 350

Arlington, TX 76015

Telephone: (817) 472-9889

Mobile: (817) 219-5100


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